General Advice to Self on Creative Self-Expression


Write everyday (not that you don’t already). It doesn’t matter if it’s rubbish or too little in your opinion. Just pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

It could be in your journal. That is emotional scope you can use to inspire songs. How you felt at the time, how you feel looking back at it all. The whole ‘explore yourself’ aspect of things. The more you know yourself, the more developed in mind you become as a person and an artist. Your beliefs will affect what you write about and will reflect in the music that you put out.

Story-writing is another source of scope that is great. It involves different perspectives, looking through the eyes of another. In a way, it’s like seeing another side of who you are, because it’s you who’s making the story. Song-writing and rapping are just other forms of story-telling, it’s saying things as from how YOU observe it. Even descriptive writing does something, it’s using your ability to select how you phrase an image to make it as vivid as it is in your imagination.

Having memories of the life you lead is so very important. How else are you suppose to have them if you don’t do anything memorable? Do those fun things, those crazy things, stupid things, dumb things, scary things, because you can draw from your experience and put it into your creative work in one way or another. Plus, it gives you more confidence, as in “If I can do this, I can do anything!”

Those flash moments. Thay are gifts from above. When you are in a moment and realize how it could work song-wise. Those random lines that come to you outta nowhere. Note ‘em and use ‘em too. When inspiration dawns upon you, don’t waste it! Always keep something that you can record these things into.

Be proud of yourself. You have survived in this vulturically cold world for X amount of years, just look at yourself and realize that it’s ok to hold your head high because you do your best for others and yourself. Love and display all aspects of yourself, even those that you think are flawed or morons call you out for. They are blessings that you don’t look at in the right frame of mind. Just be comfortable in yourself and project your happiness from within.

Do things. Live life. Expend all your talents.




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How to Make the Most Out of Meet and Greets

Over the course of 2013 aka last year, I have had the privilege of meeting many ridiculously amazing people thanks to the joy that is meet & greets.

As I live an hour away from central London, UK it is a particular hotbed for these type of events, but you’re sure to find them happening in your nearest major city too.

I hope that you find these tips help you get out and meet everybody out there that you admire from internet land! 


"so what are your plans for after college?"

i will dismantle the establishment board by board